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MOSI - Museum of Science & Industry

Experience over 450 hands-on activities at Tampa's Museum of Science & Industry, the largest science center in the southeastern U.S.!
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Ages 2-12 years
Age 60+
Experience over 450 hands-on activities at Tampa's Museum of Science & Industry, the largest science center in the southeastern U.S! Learn through play with fun interactive exhibits including Florida's only IMAX Dome Theatre. There's always something new to discover at MOSI! Great Family Fun!


  • The largest science center in the southeastern United States, featuring over 400,000 square feet of hands-on science exhibits on technology, health and the human body, natural disasters, astronomy and flight and space.
  • Home to Florida's only IMAX® Dome Theatre-projecting images on a five-story, dome-shaped screen!
  • Kids in Charge! The Children's Science Center at MOSI is the largest children's science center in the nation and features up to 40,000 square feet of exhibits designed for kids by a youth advisory board.
  • The Saunders Planetarium - Tampa's only planetarium - features a new projection dome and a state-of-the-art star projection system capable of re-creating the night sky from any time in 20 seconds or less!
  • MOSI's newest permanent exhibition, The Amazing You, explores the "amazing" world of the human body development from the beginning of life to adolescence.
  • Experience the High Wire Bike and pedal a bicycle on a 1-inch cable suspended 30 feet above the ground, or get blown over in the 74 mph winds of the Gulf Coast Hurricane.
MOSI is the largest science center in the southeastern United States where guests are encouraged to "learn by doing" in this scientific playground of special exhibitions and more than 450 hands-on activities.

Upon entering the Grand Lobby, guests are greeted by two diplodocus dinosaur skeletons. MOSI is one of a handful of museums in the world to display the largest articulated dinosaurs ever discovered.

Veer left at the dinosaurs in the Grand Lobby and exit through the double-doors to get to Kids In Charge! The Children's Science Center at MOSI. This hands-on gallery space is specially designed for young children and participating adults to discover and learn through play by bringing together science, creative thinking and imagination.

The gallery is divided into four main experience areas: ACTIVATE!, where kids can experiment with weighted wheels, gravity, and momentum; INVESTIGATE!, interactive experiments where children can test their skills of observation and analysis; KIDS CREATE!, an area where guests apply creativity and teamwork to design and build various objects; and, finally, FIELDS TO MEALS, an area, sponsored by Publix Super Markets, where kids learn about how food is grown, packaged, and then distributed. Traveling back to the West Wing and ascending the stairs or elevator to the second floor, guests have a choice of visiting the IMAX® Dome Theatre or entering the exhibit areas.

The IMAX® Dome Theatre features 340 seats and an 82-foot hemispherical movie screen, housed within a distinctive 85-foot blue stainless dome. The IMAX® Dome motion picture system projects images of unsurpassed size, clarity, and impact onto a 10,500-square-foot dome-shaped screen. The film is enhanced by a superb specially designed, six-channel, multi speaker sound system.

After guests partake of the IMAX® Experience, they can veer right into Disasterville, featuring Bay News 9 WeatherQuest. MOSI's permanent exhibition features immersion theaters with exciting replicas of four natural disasters: hurricane, tornado, wildfire, and earthquake. The exhibition also features exhibits on floods, hail, lightning, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Guests can also tour Bay News 9 WeatherQuest and step into the role of reporter, scientist, emergency manager, producer or news director. After guests brave Disasterville, they will notice a large hand beckoning them up the stairs into The Amazing You.

The Amazing You is a state-of-the-art, 13,000-square-foot exhibition about health and wellness of each developmental life stage. In this informative, educational, and interactive exhibition, guests will have the opportunity to explore the intricate world of the human body. The first phase focuses on the beginning of life to adolescent life stages.

Within each developmental life stage, guests will explore what's amazing about each stage, identify developmental milestones, and learn what it takes to stay healthy at each stage and how to return to wellness after an illness, surgery, or a disability. Guests learn about medical conditions and diseases including which are most prevalent during each developmental stage of life.

For anyone who is looking for a real adventure, MOSI's high wire bike offers an opportunity to test physics by pedaling a bicycle across a 1-inch cable suspended 30 feet in the air. The 98-foot-long wire will take the cyclist on a plane that's eye-level with the diplodocus dinosaurs! After such a knee-weakening experience, visitors may take a seat in the Coleman Science Works Theater, a high-tech, multipurpose theater that takes science and makes an interactive audience experience.

Time to head outdoors, back into the arms of Mother Nature! A gigantic Zebra Long Wing Butterfly spreads its wings atop the BioWorks Butterfly Garden. The Southwest Florida Water Management District/Bank of America BioWorks Butterfly Garden is an engineered ecosystem that emulates natural wetlands and demonstrates how the natural wetlands clean water. BioWorks also houses a free-flying butterfly garden sponsored by the Jacarlene Foundation.

More wildlife awaits in MOSI's Back Woods. Originally opened in 1992, The Back Woods at MOSI contain an unusually large variety of plant and animal communities for its limited acreage in its urban setting. Forty-seven acres of special water conservation elements and various outdoor interactive environmental exhibits include compass trails, a boardwalk, a sinkhole, and populations of protected gopher tortoises among communities of pine flat woods, turkey oak sand hills, oak hammocks, and wetlands.

Adjacent to the main entrance, experience the impact of 74-mph-hurricane-force winds in the Gulf Coast Hurricane and learn how to "Get Smart, Get Ready" for a tropical storm.

One last trip back inside MOSI's Grand Lobby provides all of the amenities to round out the visit. Unwind in The MOSI Cafe with a snack or a soft drink. The Cafe provides quality food in a unique setting. A final stop in The Science Store provides the opportunity to purchase a souvenir of the visit.

WOW! So much to see and do! Get your eTickets today for MOSI - Museum of Science & Industry, so you don't miss the fun!

Operating Times

Mon through Fri from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sat & Sun from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Open 365 days a year! Please call Customer Service (the number will be on your eTicket) for holiday hours.

Reservation Notes

Reservations are NOT needed or accepted. Tickets can be used on any operating day within 6 months of the purchase date.


4-5 hours

Booth Location

MOSI ticket booth is located at 4801 East Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617

Nearest Intersection

E. Fowler and USF Bull Run Dr.


Complimentary parking. Buses and RVs welcome

Age Requirements

Child Ticket: 2-12 years. Children under 2 are free.
Seniors 60+.


For IMAX Theatre times and planetarium show times please call the Customer Service number on your eTicket. MOSI is fully accessible to the disabled. Wheelchairs are available for checkout on a first-come, first-served basis with appropriate identification and a credit card. Handicapped parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.